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Smoky Grilled Artichokes | Single

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Start your BBQ and go into your garden and pick your artichokes...wait, you're not growing artichokes?! Don't worry, SOLENZI has done all the hard work for you. Grilling over an open flame gives our organic artichokes their unique charred flavor and al-dente bite. SOLENZI Grilled Artichokes Antipasto is traditionally made in Puglia just like Nonna used to make, so all you have to do is open and eat to enjoy a taste of Italy. Organic artichokes are picked in the fields, cut in half and grilled over an open flame, then preserved in oil with a touch of garlic and parsley. No boiled soft watery artichokes here - simply great tasting gourmet organic artichokes with a nice bite and natural taste. A perfect kitchen pantry item for a delicious and easy addition to charcuterie boards, cheese boards and as the star ingredient in artichoke asiago dip. Simplify your life and let SOLENZI do the prepping for you.

Organic artichokes, organic sunflower oil, salt, organic garlic, organic oregano, organic parsley, organic white wine vinegar. Acidity regulator: citric acid

Smoky Grilled Artichokes | Single
Organic Smoky Grilled Artichokes - Solenzi

Smoky Grilled Artichokes | Single

No Sugar Added | Keto Friendly

Health Benefits:


  • Made In Italy

    Bronze die-cut & slow dried to retain texture & bite

  • Top 8 Allergen Free

    Free from wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, fish, shellfish, peanuts, treenuts

  • Plant-Based Protein

    Excellent source of plant-based protein & fiber. Up to 28g of protein per portion.

  • Certified Gluten-Free

  • Certified Kosher

  • Certified USDA Organic

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