Dedicated to the “Free-From' market, our vision is to be recognized as the go-to company in North America for great tasting, nutritious gourmet food.  

Our belief is that you can eat healthfully and deliciously with no compromise on taste, quality and flavour.

Our founder is a self-taught home chef with a passion for nutrition and is committed to bringing you the very best products to simplify your life and your cooking.  

When you choose Solenzi you can rest assured that we have tested, tasted, cooked and refined all of our recipes so that all you have to do is buy & try for yourself.

A Little About Our Founder

Enza Cianciotta is an Italo-Canadian who grew up eating whole foods lovingly prepared in a small kitchen.  Meals were simple but healthy and always included a lot of vegetables, legumes, herbs and spices.  Love of food and cooking united the women in her family and inspired her to become a great cook, combining traditional and modern tastes.  Enza also has a great interest in nutrition and how food affects us, which led her to attend the IHN (Institute of Holistic Nutrition).

Enza lived in London, England for twelve years, where she was exposed to free-from food from Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany and from across the EU.  Upon returning to Canada, she decided to become a free-from food evangelist to bring this European philosophy to North America.

Free-from food is ‘clean’ food – good quality natural base ingredients without GMO, additives or artificial flavours, and made in traditional or artisanal ways to retain their nutritional properties. 

"Overall, Solenzi’s offerings set the company up to be a leader in the world of gluten free pastas. With a focus on free-from food and production, the company takes pride in products that are vegan, organic, non-GMO, nut free, gluten free, dairy free, and preservative free. Nutritionally, this pasta offers two main ingredients that deliver a plethora of medicinal benefits along with a great chewy traditional pasta texture. A meal made with Solenzi pasta is sure to deliver great flavour and appeal to the appetite. and is worthy of winning this year’s prize of best gluten free product in the Pantry category."