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Gluten-Free Canada Selects Solenzi Pasta As 2018 Product Of The Year

Gluten-Free Canada has selected Solenzi's Organic Turmeric & Rice Gnocchetti as their 2018 Product of the Year this year for their Pantry Items category. “Overall, Solenzi’s offerings set the company up to be a leader in the world of gluten-free pastas. With a focus on free-from food and production, the company takes pride in products that are vegan, organic, non-GMO, nut free, gluten free, dairy free, and preservative free. Nutritionally, this pasta offers two main ingredients that deliver a plethora of medicinal benefits along with a great chewy traditional pasta texture.  A meal made with Solenzi pasta is sure to deliver great flavour and appeal to the appetite, and is worthy of winning this year’s prize of best gluten-free product in the Pantry Category.”  Read the full article below. Download [PDF]: Read Full The Gluten-Free Canada Article